The STePS Electric Bullitt Cargo – All The Tech Info You Need.

Larry & Harry have just released a fancy guide to their new electric cargo bike, the eBullitt. The Bike Institute have been stocking these amazing cargo bikes in our store in Dublin since early this year and we've written many articles on why we think they are revolutionary. But we shall not digress.. So today we have a little more tech info thanks to the Danish guys new feature on their site, that gives you a run down on how the Shimano StePS system works plus all the info on the eBullitt cargo bike itself.

Shimano STePS and the eBullitt explained



The Shimano STePs Electric system is a world leading electric motor for e-bikes and is the most technically advanced system to date. It works incredibly well with these cargo bikes because not only is it a strong powerful addition to your cargo but also charges itself as you ride. The braking system also works the same as a car so your brakes are power assisted which helps stop these cargos which is peace of mind with those travelling with kids.

The battery has a 400w capacity that will charge full in 4 hours or up to 80% after just two hours, which in Normal Mode can help you travel up to 8okm at an average speed of 25Kph.

According to Larry V Harry, one of the advantages of having the STePs system is its combination of electronic gear shifting, powered by Shimano’s tried and tested Di2 system, which make gear shifting seamless. Also 'Included in the STePS system is a bar-mounted display that shows all the usual info you’d expect with a bike computer, including speed, trip distance, elapsed time and so on, as well as what mode the STePS system is currently in, the estimated range left in the battery and what gear you’ve selected.' Plus there is also an automatic function for gear shifting which will automatically shift the gear down (like an automatic car) as you slow down to stop. Amazing!

The Larry V Harry eBullitt cargo bike is changing the way we think about urban cycling and transport. This simple, fun and easy to use electric system takes the stress out of getting around town as there are little to no overheads beside the occasional service and battery charge. The eBullit is radically changing deliveries in every urban city and can be seen on the streets of Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Sydney and New York to name just a few. At The Bike Institute we ride, sell and service these electric cargos every day and we are seeing a huge surge in commuters who are using them as their main family transport.  Not only can you get your daily groceries, travel to work you can also do the school run all while saving money (compared to motor car).

To find out more about these bikes come in to our store on Dorset Street for a chat and a test ride! Or see the full technical spec over at Larry V Harry web page.

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