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Giant bikes are what we generally supply in the road bike range and over the last number of years their brand has gained more foothold in the industry. They invest seriously in R&D which can be seen across the range, each year moving forward as we see new technology and better pricing.


Why Giant road bikes?

  1. Unrivaled warranty
  2. Value for money
  3. Base model bikes that have the same frames as top end machines (entry level bikes ride great)
  4. A bike for all levels and disciplines.
Road Bikes – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need a racing bike to cycle to work? I’m thinking of joining a cycling club, won’t a hybrid do?

No you don’t need a road bike to cycle to work, however, a hybrid bike just won’t cut the mustard if you’re planning on joining a club.

2. The tyres on these bikes have no grip, why?

Road bike tyres are often slick, there are tyres available with different thread patterns, the main factor in grip is the tyre compound, a soft compound can be seriously grippy!

3. Do I need a carbon bike?

No you don’t, the material used to build a bike gives different “rides“. Carbon allows manufactures to give different stiffness and compliance to specific areas in a bike. Alloy and steel are a little more restrictive.

4. The saddle looks very uncomfortable, will that hurt my bum?

Sure the saddles look like a torture devices, sometimes the generic off the shelf saddle suit people just fine. Truth be told we all have different shape and sizes, the best thing to do is get a bike fit and have everything set right, just for you. Check out our bike fitting service if you need to get your bike set up perfectly.