Yuba MundoV5 Cromo Cargo


MundoV5 Specifications

  • 6′ 9″ or 180cm
  • rack length 2.7″ (80 cm) width 21″ (52 cm)
  • 44lbs or 20kg
  • 3×8 Shimano
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Shimano Hub Dynamo
  • Cromo Frame & Fork
  • Schwalbe Big Ben Tires
  • Fenders with wheelskirts
  • Stand Alone Double Stand
  • LED lights
  • Steering Stabilizer
  • Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support
  • 2 Yr Warranty

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The Yuba MundoV5 drops this summer, and bike nerds are going nuts. We could talk you through the technical whats and all the logical whys…but here is all you need to take away: it is seriously awesome.

For the whole family

​The Yuba Mundo cargo bike has always been pretty killer. It fits nearly the whole family onboard–at least two kids and one adult, and maybe more if everyone is behaving. It’s solid. We mean near-bulletproof solid. The thing rides like it’s on a cushion of air. And it’s got all the bells and whistles component-wise, which, for the rest of us, just means it works perfectly, and keeps working perfectly for years to come.


​What the MundoV5 really does is hardwire awesomeness. It integrates all that was already right and makes it better, smoother, sturdier, and lighter. The result is something like a luxury car as compared to another bike company’s compact sedan. Both might get you around, but only the V5 has you literally riding along thinking to yourself: “man, this thing is just made to make me happy.” That’s the Mundo V5: it’s made to make you happy.

With Kids in tow

​For those of us with kids in tow, we know that for us to be happy, you’ve gotta take care of the little ones first. The MundoV5 has them pretty well set. They’re as safe as ever, but they feel the benefits on the new model as well. When one Yuba family little guy went for a test ride, he came back telling us that it was his “favorite bike ever in the entire world.” And when he said that, we totally got it. Because we had been thinking the same thing, and our smiles gave that away when we got back from a test ride

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