2017 Giant eBikes: New Hybrid system has changed the game in eBikes

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The new 2017 Giant stock has finally landed with its hotly anticipated high tech developed eBike collection. We take a look at this year's developments in electric technology and why it is changing our minds from our traditional view of eBikes.

Giant have been developing eBikes for the last 17 years so are not recent to jump on the (electric motor-driven) bandwagon. For Giant, what initially began as a commuter bike range now offers all types of riders a complete choice in ebikes. For the Giant 2017 line up we see a new urban mobility bike with their zippy Quick-E-plus, along with sporty road bike, and high-performance trail bike. The big changes from recent years is that these bikes are fully engineered and have integrated electric systems incorporated into the bike engineering (rather than slapping a battery pack on after the design.) Making these eBikes the most innovative design we've seen this year for electric bikes.

Road-Eplus2_Close-up_1 2017 Giant ebikes


New Hybrid Technology - What's new?

Powered by Yamaha, Giant's Hybrid technology has a quiet high torque motor, that uses the force the rider applies to the pedals to deliver a seamless power boost. The system combines speed and torque sensors with motor and pedal rotation sensors to produce even power across the entire gear range. The result is power that feels totally natural.

The new battery technology, built by Panasonic especially for Giant, has 25% higher energy density, which means 25% greater range than most batteries of the same size and weight—all in a compact size with a design that's seamlessly integrated within the frameset. This high-torque battery pack offers a maximum range of up to a whooping 150km - depending on your usage.


Road-E-plus-1 - 2017 Giant ebikes

Road E Plus 1

2017 Giant ebikes

Easy E Plus



Quick E Plus


Their commuter range features state of the art bikes that are specifically designed for the the city cyclist who wants to travel quickly around town. With a top speed of 25kph, the commuter selection lets you tackle longer distances than you can with a traditional bicycle, plus it will get you there faster. With an ALUXX SL aluminium frame and a powerful Yamaha motor that produces 80Nm(60nm on prime+ models) of torque with Giant’s Hybrid Cycling Technology, these urban bikes are a definite alternative to motor transport. All models come with Giant's 3 year warranty on their battery, so there's no stress of loss of power.


You cannot currently peruse these ebikes in our online store as we are currently developing a new web shop, so please bear with us. Please contact us or call into our staff to see our large ebike selection with a host of different brands including Giant's Prime and Easy E. Plus ebikes from German manufacturers A2B, with the Kuo+ and a Ferber all ready for a test drive. 



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