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Why a hybrid bike? what is a hybrid bike? Is it light?


Hybrid bikes tend to be a bit tougher than their racing bike buddies,more comfortable through the city due to the riding postion and are generally the commuters choice.

A hybrid bike is generally a bike with characteristics from a mountain bike and a road bike.

Is the bike light, it depends on the bike, stiffness is what really matters but conveniently all the bikes we stock have stiff frames!

Hybrid Bikes – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why a hybrid bike? Is it a good choice for city riding?

The hybrid or city bike is generally the best choice for commuters, with large wheel and a comfortable riding position its easy to keep your eyes level with the traffic and move quickly.

2. Will a hybrid bike be lighter than my old bike?

That’s a tough one, it depends on materials used and overall spec. What will make the bike feel heavy or light while riding is if the frame is stiff. If the frame is very flexible the bike will feel sluggish.

3. Will the tyres puncture easy? My old mountain bike has big chunky tyres.

Width and tread pattern of tyres won’t make a difference to puncture resistance, the compound of the rubber is where its at! We sell a range of puncture resistant tyres that will keep you rolling as long as you can!