Gold Sprint Roller Racing


goldsprints front

The Bike Institute hosts this unique bicycle event nationwide, providing equipment and awesomeness to your show.

 What is Gold Sprint Roller Racing?

This unusual racing event was born out of cycle messenger championships where competitions are mixed with fun to celebrate bicycle culture and community. The popularity of the races soon spread outside the messenger community and The Bike Institute, former messengers themselves, have brought it to the mainstream.

The race is so easy that anyone can participate.

It involves two bikes fixed to a platform where the rear wheels are placed on rollers. The rollers are in turn attached to a device that can measure the distance and displays the progress of riders. Two riders go head to head to see who is the fastest!

 Why have Gold Sprints at your Event?

Roller racing is fun, anyone can join in, and involves crowd participation. This event can be held both indoors and outdoors, can be set up easily and can go just about anywhere that holds a crowd. Participants can compete for prizes, cash or simply for the glory of being No. 1.


What we provide:

The Bike Institute provide all the equipment and will host your event with music, some good humoured heckling and guarantee a exciting show for any type of crowd. If you would like to know more please contact Sean and see our facebook page for more.

The Bike Institute is proud to have worked with many renowned brands providing a professional service in creating exciting shows for all types of promotional activities. Our events have taken place for charity fundraisers, brand launches and expos. For more, please contact us at

   Here’s a video of our recent day out at St. Anne’s Park in Dublin for Bike Week 2015.