Giant Disc Brakes: What Are The Benefits of Disc Brakes?

TCR Advanced SL Disc

New 2017 TCR Advanced SL Disc

Disc brakes have been around for a number of years now on mountain bikes but are fairly recent phenomenon on road bikes and despite some caution about them in professional racing they are definitely here to stay. In last number of years lots of big brand road bikes are being specifically engineered to hold front a rear disc brakes, which are widely known to handle better and are more reliable than traditional rim brakes. The new Giant 2017 TCR range all feature flat mount disc brakes which according to Giant, have been designed to improve performance and added control for road bikers that also work in any weather conditions. So today we've taken a look as to why they are so special.

Giant Disc brakes -

Benefits to Disc Brakes

  1.  Consistency: With rim brakes after some wear and tear you will naturally lose performance as the brake pad is worn down. Plus rain weather and wet roads can decrease their power to stop. Disc brakes like the Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc, are always consistent giving you the same control regardless of weather conditions. Plus roadies with carbon rims know that braking in wet weather can be a little daunting, giving discs a clear advantage.
  2. Power: More power with less gripping of the brakes means you don't have to squeeze the brake so hard.  Modern high quality disc brakes only need a gentle squeeze for maximum stopping force. Clearly an advantage over rim brakes.
  3. Design: Disc brakes are now fully integrated in bike engineering ensuring you have the best performance that helps you optimise the rest of your bike system for better road handling. So your bike has been designed to perform better with disc brakes and not as an afterthought to overall performance.
  4.  Quiet: Less rubber and more steel means these brakes won't deafen any other commuters as you brake for a light.
  5. No Rim Wear: Have nice rims or expensive carbon wheels? There's never going to be rim wear with discs.


Although some disc brakes can be slightly heavier than their rim brake counterpart and are tricker to service their advantages far out way the snags. So with better control, disc brakes can offer the rider more confidence when tackling turns or downhill with just a single finger pull of pressure. Which is peace of mind for road racer and commuter alike.

The new 2017 Giant TCR Advanced Disc range are out now and available at . Check out full range below.


2017 TCR Advanced 1 Green


2017 TCR Advanced Pro Disc


2017 TCR Advanced SL Disc



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