Electric Bullitt Cargo Versus The Car – what are the costs differences?

Ebullitt_pepperThe Bike Institute has been selling and servicing Larry V Harry Bullitt and electric Bullit cargo bikes since early this year and have pretty much covered every inch about why we think these electric cargo bikes are simply amazing.

But we're not all talk, today we've compiled all the research and compared the most important question regarding cargo bikes: What are the cost differences between them? Or more importantly, how much can you save on a electric cargo?

So let's compare.

Based on research done by AA Ireland A fully taxed, insured mid priced 2.0 saloon car inc. all standing charges (based on aa.ie 2014 motoring costs) works out at around €10,000 per year.  The running costs, beside initial cost investment, the EBullitt will cost you relatively little when compared to a car. Battery charge per month would equate to charging your laptop every day and besides periodic services of brake pads, tyres etc the EBullitt is low on costs as many parts come with 3 year warranty. So service and maintenance on this electric cargo bike would work out the same as an oil change on your car per year.

For carless European cities cargo bikes act as the regular car for lots of families especially in cargo havens like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Malmö. However, some journeys you simply need a car or van. If you're thinking of ditching the second car (or even the first) you're going to save money. At a starting price of less than 5k the EBullitt is an investment that won't take long to pay off when compared to the ongoing (and spiraling skyward) costs of motoring here in Ireland.

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