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So, you’ve been thinking about an e-bike ?

The days of unreliable batteries and dodgy aftersales are over!

Ebikes come in all shapes and sizes….They’re suited for everyone. Some purists scoff at the thought of pedals assistance but lets be fair sometime we all like a dig out. You can browse our full range of electric bicycles here.

What brands to we stock?

  • Giant E-Bikes
  • Ridgeback E-Bikes
  • A2B E-Bikes
  • Bullit E-Cargo Bikes
  • Tern Folding E-Bikes
Electric Bicycle – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to pedal an Ebike?

Yes, its pedal assisted, if your not pedaling it is classed as a mechanically propelled vehicle and you will need all the usual stuff!

2. How fast can they go, my friend has one that does 55kph!

Anything above 26 kph is illegal for on road use and must only be used on private property. The majority of bikes don’t fair well at accelerating and decelerating rapidly, it can cause issues.

3. Can I “chip“ my bike to go faster?

In short, yes you can, but should you “chip“ the bike is the real question. No, you shouldn’t, because the batteries have a “brain“ and knows things only Zeus himself should!

4. How long does the battery last?

Batteries and the distance you get from a single charge really depends on how you use it. Riding in ‘eco’ mode and turning the bike off on downhills will significantly increase the battery life. Batteries don’t appreciate being neglected in cold sheds over the winter months, so we recommend bringing them inside and and storing in a nice cool dry press when not in use. Also, different batteries have different capacities, and we advise that you look for at least 400wh when considering your purchase.

5. Whats the difference between these bikes anyway?

Well- there are loads of little things, some have front hub drive motors, some have mid drive motors and some have rear wheel drive units….There are also different torque outputs on different models. The best thing to do is drop by and test out our bikes in the shop!

6. What about warranty?

Our bikes have excellent warranty, GIant bikes have 3 years warranty on the batteries, A2B have 2 years as all Shimano products. Also, we’ve been trained at the Giant HQ in E-Bike servicing and installations.

We have an E-Bike to suit everybody so if you feel like getting back in the saddle or maybe not sweating in the work clothes first thing in the morning, drop by and try out the new transport solution!