Electric Dreams. Check out the Electric A2B Kuo Folding Bike.

Folding bikes have been around for a while now and while big brands such as Brompton and Tern have cornered the market in terms of quality there are plenty of competitors. In 2016 at The Bike Institute we saw a huge demand for cycle assisted bikes or electric bikes explode on the European market. In response to this surge, we've had to train our mechanics and staff in this blossoming industry as we are now regularly seeing electric bikes come into our shop on Dorset Street for repair or service. So, you don't have to tell us how brilliant these bikes are and why electric folding bikes are delivering people to work all over the world.

The Electric A2B Kuo


German made, A2B have been creating high quality electric bikes since 2008, and their latest creation is the Electric A2B Kuo. Stylish and practical the Kuo model increases both your journey options and enjoyment with a maximum speed of (18.7mph) and an average of  30.2km in battery life. Which scores very decent on battery v mileage test.  It is super light (the lightest of all their bikes) and all electric cables are carefully hidden so you won't lose any of your street edge!

Here's the spec:

  • Improves on the standard Kuo with smoother cadence sensing pedal assist, a larger motor and battery and upgraded drivetrain using Shimano Alivio vs. Shimano Tourney
  • Low weight distribution, removable battery is easy to access, fenders rack and lights look good and perform well
  • The display isn't as easy to reach and adjust while riding, the trigger throttle seems flipped and is mounted to the left bar vs. the right which is more traditional

Price: €1799

Well enough about what we think here's a review from Electric Bike Review (EBR) who give the Kuo a thorough breakdown.




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