Custom Bike Fitting At Our Dublin 1 Shop

Trained in both the Specialized BG Fit and Giant Power Fit systems, you are in good hands with us. Correct position on a bike is essential for minimizing discomfort and injury prevention, whilst optimizing performance. Whether it is for your weekly Sunday ride with friends or competing at the highest level, a bike-fit is as essential as wearing a helmet.

Bike Fitting Dublin - Giant PowerFit System

Most bikes are sized according to height; but there is so much more to take into consideration: leg length, flexibility and body posture all play a major role into how your bike set-up is unique to your unique biomechanical function. Even a slight seat height adjustment can help alleviate knee pain, while increasing power output.

Meet The Fitter

MurtExpert bike fitter, competitive racing cyclist & all round cycling enthusiast

I spent over a decade as a bicycle messenger, working and racing all over the world and from there my passion for all forms of cycling emerged: Cycle touring across continents, racings in ultra-endurance events, on the road in stages races, TTs, crits and the odd sportive. I race track and have competed at international events and love racing cyclocross and my mountain bike for fun. Along with highly specialised industry training, I have a wealth of experience in all disciplines and know what it means to feel at one with your bike, be it a commuter hybrid or a state of the art TT bike.


Standard Bike Fitting
    • €30 supplement for TT/Tri bikes
Second Bike
    • Includes a second bike on the day

Additional Fitting Services

Position Review
    • This is for customers that have previously had a bike-fit with us. The body constantly changes as we age, detrain and adapt to new positions so it is important to keep reviewing and adjust your position to align with these changes.
    • This is also for customers that have purchased a new bike since the last bike fit and need to ensure that it is set up as before. This session usually takes 45 minutes – one hour.
Cleat & Shoe Fitting
    • If you need a new set of shoes and pedals set up, or are about to use clip pedals for the first time, it’s essential to get them set up correctly to avoid knee injuries, in particular, and ensure that your legs will be working biomechanically correct.
    • This session takes approximately 45 minutes.

What To Expect

A typical bike-fit takes 1.5 – 3 hours

1. We start with an initial interview, learning about:
  • Your cycling and injury history
  • Cycling goals and what you want from the fit
  • We will then answer any questions you may have
2. Pre-fit assessment:

Next we will administer a comprehensive pre-fit assessment process to determine the flexibility and dimensions of your body. This is critical to guide the customization of your bike position and equipment.

3. Now it’s time to jump on the bike. This is where we assess:
  • Your riding style
  • Saddle selection and position
  • Shoes, footbeds, cleat position
  • Handlebar position
4. Advice & Exercises:

Lastly, you may be given exercises to address any weaknesses or limiting factors that may affect your ideal position. Finessing your fit to the bike can mean some changes to the bike. It may be a new stem, saddle, handlebars or footbeds.

Any additional or new parts used are available to be purchased and installed at the time of fitting.

Free of charge: Follow Up Bike-Fit

Prices are inclusive of a follow up bike-fit check-up within six months. Sometimes during a fit the variance needed for correct alignment is too great to change at once, so incremental changes are needed. These increments are assessed as well as any minor tweaks needed due to any changes in your alignment from exercises given during the initial consultation.

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