Ask Einstein – Tyre pressure, what’s up with that?

Nothing sends me scuttling under my blanket like a tyre exploding in the bike shop. Which also brings me to one of the most popular questions asked at The Bike Institute: What's up with tyre pressure? I get sick of listening to it so generally just close my eyes and pretend I'm asleep. Easy done when you're a dog. Nobody asks your opinion. Anyway, over the years, through all the different opinions, I've realised that there are a few facts on getting tyre pressure right.  Having the right pressure means your tyres last longer, you go faster and get less punctures. So here's what I have to say:

How To Pump Your Bicycle Tyres


If you want your tyres to last longer and get less punctures then there's a simple remedy: Keep them pumped! Tyres naturally deflate so make sure to keep them pumped close, but not maxed to their PSI (pounds per square inch) which is located on the tyre wall.  Different tyre sizes means different PSI so make sure to locate the right amount of PSI before inflating.



There are two main types of valves that come with your inner tube here in Ireland. A Presta valve which is skinny and a Screen_Shot_2016-01-14_at_12.21.14_grandeSchrader valve which is wider and the same one as car tyres. Each valve will need a different fitting from your pump so check what type of valve your bike's inner tube has before you buy a pump. Or buy a pump that has two different fittings such as a track pump.

Track pumps have a pressure gauge so you can check how much PSI is in your tyres. Simply attach the pump head and inflate until you reach near your maximum PSI. Example 80.

Remember, if you check your pressure every week then you'll only need to add a little pressure. The right tyre pressure keeps your tyres healthier and your bike spinning faster on the roads.

Well that's enough from me now, so any question keep them for the (paid) staff at The Bike Institute on Dorset Street.

Einstein is out  - woof!



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