Don’t get caught without lights. New Dynamo Hub System


New LED and Hub Dynamo lights Systems now available

New Irish traffic road laws, which began last week, mean cyclists will be fined for having no lights after dark. Don't get caught out ever with a permanent dynamo hub lighting system.



Cyclists are now to get an on the spot fine of €40 euro if they are found cycling with no lights at night time. These new laws mean that if you, like most of us, forget to bring your bike lights, or have ran out of battery power or simply don't own a pair, you will now be punished with a fine if you are found cycling after dark.  Although cycling without lights was always a traffic offence, new powers mean there will be no more stern warnings( ‘on yer way lad’) if you are stopped by a Garda this winter.

Like most cyclists, fixing and removing bike lights daily to your bike can be tiresome and there’s nothing more annoying than returning to your bike and finding your lights either left on all day or worse, stolen.

One way to combat all these issues is to have a fixed lighting solution on your bike that does not need any overnight charging, replacement of batteries and cannot be removed by darling bike thieves.


Dynamo Hub

Everyone remembers the original Dynamo system whereby an external ‘bottle’ dynamo was fitted to your bike’s rear or front forks and the dynamo could be ‘pushed’ on the the bike rim to generate power. These large external bottle dynamos are still available and are a cheap alternative to a fitted hub system, however they can be rather cumbersome and will slow your wheel down.

Fits All types of Bikes

The hub system where the dynamo generator is fitted within the hub itself and LED lights are permanently mounted onto the bike frame can be fitted on all types of bicycles. Whether it is a high end road bike with disc brakes or your sturdy bike-around-town or commuter bike, these lightweight alternative to lights are available for all models.

No need for batteries and the LED and hubs come with long life brand guarantees. Here at The Bike Institute we are now fitting full LED and Hub Dynamo sets with prices starting from €250 depending on which Brand you choose. (That means we'll fit your new hub, lights and electricals too!)


Ridiculous high powered lighting

Not only are these hub systems eco friendly and save you money on batteries, (and fines!) they also have an extremely powerful LED lights that will not only alert motorists to your presence but also light up the street ahead of you, even on dark country lanes.

Although prices vary per brand and power we're starting our basic hub light system fully fitted in store start from €250. Please contact us for more or drop in.


Bye for now and stay safe - The BI




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