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It’s come to that time of year again – BIKE TIME!

This year we’ve noticed a huge bunch of you guys are looking at the folding bicycle – which I might add we’re pretty into too! You can view our full range of folding bicycles here.

The hardcore enthusiasts will have multiple bikes for every occasion but for the masses we have one trusted steed to haul us from A to B.

Folding Bicycle – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I buy a folding bike?

The age old question of which bike would suit me best really depends on you and your own situation, for example- you live in a tiny city centre aparment, the chances of your bike being stolen in the carpark or on the street are alarming to say the least, you my friend could benefit from a folding bike! Maybe you commute to Hueston station daily and a folding bike would get you through Phoenix park or town in no time at all!

2. Are those little wheels really slow?

Are the wheels slow, well I can safely say, thanks to gear ratios (the massive big chainring) no these little bikes are rockets! (depending on brand/models etc).

3. Whats the difference between the models/brands?

Different brands use different clamp mechanisms- truthfully this is the heart of a folding bike- Low end clamps make for a short life bike with more problems than our friend Trump. We stock Tern bikes and the A2B Efolder, we believe in what we sell, try em out to see for yourself As you change up models, nice little extras can be seen, puncture proof tyres, disc brakes, race wheels, batteries and motors. (the tech is actually getting out of hand).

4. Can I take it on a bus,train,plane?

Is it a bus, is it a plane,is it a train? It doesn’t really matter- because when your bike is folded down who cares! FYI- I would highly recommend using a folding bike bag, just in case that worker who hates bikes decides to hold up your commute on the one day you need to be home- think about the poor delivery man outside you home in the rain while you cant get the train!

We keep a good range of folding bikes in the shop, in fact I would say one of the best in the country!

The Tern bikes fold neat in a matter of seconds, are one of the top folding bike brands on the market and they look slick as!

On the Electric side of things we have the A2B Kuo+ and the Tern Vektron. Both e-bikes accelerate to around 26kph with ease. These are the ultimate in getting around town with little to no effort!