First Electric eBullitt Cargo Bike in Dublin is here!

So we've gone crazy and got ourselves a pretty new cargo bike that uses the lightest and best electric system available for a bike ever made: Introducing The eBullitt!

Cargo Bikes Dublin - The Bike Institute

The new electric cargo bike available by Copenhagen's Larry V Harry has arrived here in our store on Dorset Street and is available for test ride, and we're totally impressed. Imagine an electronic bike that can shift kids, and all other types of precious cargo across the city while still running on green energy ( your legs) but with an added boost of electric power.

What makes this a truly special bike is that it has the incredible capabilities of the original Bullitt cargo bike, but the electric power isn't some simple afterthought on a conventional cargo, instead the new eBullitt's drive system is fully integrated within the bike's spec. (See below)

Cargo Bikes Dublin - The Bike Institute

Integrated Electronic System

Cargo Bikes Dublin - The Bike Institute

We have a green one in store. Cause everyone loves green.


The drive system is the powerful Shimano Steps electric system with Di2 Alfine 8 speed hub and comes with incredible 36v Lithium battery (loads of power). That means you can ride up 125km on just one battery charge!

Not only is the new eBullitt super fast and easy to ride it is safer too with the incredible stopping power of the 4 pot Magura discs brakes, which gives the rider more control and perfect for our unpredictable city streets.

cargo bikes dublin

Cargo with kids Canopy

Cargo bikes can be used for transporting virtually anything that fits into its hold, but also it is a extremely safe solution for those commuting with children. The children's seating is specially designed and comes with either canopy style, or box carrier, which has secure seat belts and cushioned seats. ( I even use it to ferry my 18 month old daughter around.)

When used for work, these electric cargo bikes will get your deliveries further even on hilly climbs and over long distances, saving you time, money and energy and is better for your city's environment.  It's a no brainer!

With an easily detachable battery and just four hour charge, we think the new eBullitt is nothing short of life changing ( or at the very least a lot of fun!)

Call by for a test ride now at 22 Dorset Street, Dublin 1. Or contact us for an information pack on cargo bikes for private and business.

Happy cycling.


More images courtesy of Larry Vs Harry.

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