Einstein Says: How to buy puncture proof bike tyres.

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How to buy puncture proof bike tyres



Firstly, a disclaimer; sadly no tyre can truly be puncture proof. As long as it is air pressurised it will always be vulnerable. Whether it gets punctured by road debris, squeezed by the the rim, or poked by a loose spoke, the inner tube will never be really safe. However there are ways of making a puncture a lot less likely with just a few bits of advice:

Firstly, buy some quality and durable tyres. There are tons of tyres available out there but the main things to look for are:

  • Thicker tyres with stronger sidewalls will naturally be more puncture resistant than a cheaper thinner lighter tyre.
  • Generally cheaper tyres don't last very long, they simply wear fast. Bigger brands do cost a lot more in comparison but they also have been tried and tested and offer longer wear and tear per kilometer. Remember, buy cheap buy twice.
Thicker, layered tyre with stronger sidewalls will last longer and a more durable.

Thicker, layered tyre with stronger sidewalls will last longer and are more durable.

If you want to avoid punctures then it's not just about the tyre. Air pressure, weather and riding style will cause punctures even on the best tyres.  If you want to avoid puncture at all costs then do the following checks:

  • Check air pressure of tyre. Depending on your weight, bike and type of tyres, generally rule of thumb is keep the tyre pressure high ( but not the maximum PSI written on the tyre).
  • Check before your ride. A simple visual of your tyres plus running your hand over the tyre to check for bumps or debris might help you spot a potential blowout.
  • Wet weather means more rubbish washed onto the road and sticking to your bicycle tyre. How do you avoid wet weather? You don't, but you can be prepared with a spare tube and kit.
  • Riding style does have a lot to do with punctures. If you 'ride light' allowing your body to absorb the bumps on the road rather than your wheels this can avoid punctures (as opposed to those who like to trash through the gutter!)


That's it! for more tips and advice tune in again next week for more on Einstein's incredibly smart cycling blog.





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