The Bike institute are experts in providing cargo bikes for business and commuters. We offer many businesses and commuters in Dublin real alternatives to conventional transport and with our repair and service support we are fully dedicated hub for cargos.

We simply love The Bullitt cargo bike from cargo kings Larry V Harry based in Denmark. This cargo bike has a range of drivetrains, accessories, colours and box carrier designs to choose from. For business who want creative advertisement and delivery, or for a parent who wants to carry their children, dog and shopping all in the same trip, a cargo bike is the perfect choice for modern urban living. Learn more.

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We offer the best cargo services around, breeze past traffic, get anywhere on time and advertise your business!

Christiania bikes are the original cargo bike, and have been in production for 30+ years with a reputation for solid, eco friendly danish design. These classic trikes are easy to handle and are surprisingly lighter and more maneuverable than their size lets on. There are tons of possibilities with these bikes. Businesses can avail of the event bike which is a ready to go market stall or the 3107 which allows for full customisation. Read More.

Christiania Cargo Bikes - Creme Colour

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Paying over the odds for a shop van/second car, insurance tax? These bikes are a mobile market stand or a mini family wagon!

Why Cargo Bikes? Cargo bikes are not a new invention but in the last number of years, as city congestion grows and emissions haunt our collective consciences, cargo bike use for both families and business has skyrocketed.

Not only in cycle chic cities like Amsterdam or Copenhagen, they have become an increasingly everyday sight in Irish and British cities too, and as production of new bikes continues to grow the price has also decreased with a standard cargo bike beginning at around 1200 euro. Some may balk at the cost but think about it: you have an eco-friendly, zero cost (beside the odd repair) transport option that needs no insurance, is safe and will keep you fit all while looking extremely cool too.

Those with kids can travel in comfort and ease with specially designed carriers including seatbelts and rain protection, or those in business can get packages out fast without adding to the often dismal congested landscape. In Western Europe cargo bikes fits perfectly into the lifestyle of urban dwellers who face huge parking fees with many streets too small for cars but perfect for cyclists. Here in Dublin we are seeing a lot more people squeezed into smaller spaces in the city and surrounding suburbs all while traffic still increases yet new infrastructure is slow to accommodate them. Simply, we are running out of room. This is where the cargo bike can change road users and make a positive and visible difference to our daily and often nightmarish rush hour scramble.