Cargo Bikes have arrived and we’re very happy


Copenhagen's no.1 cargo bike has arrived on our shores and we're very excited here at TBI. The BULLITT is the brainchild of Danish designers Larry vs Harry and have been trickling into Irish consciousness the last few years with many Dublin courier companies and small numbers of commuters using these bikes daily to transport anything from goods and food, to more precious cargos of the small human variety.

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We've got some stock in our store for you to come by and take out for a test ride. These lightweight, fast and urban designed machines have reduced in price over the last number of years as demand is soaring and prices now begin at around 1999 euro. We're particularly excited about them because of the new pedestrian and cycle only zones planned for Dublin city centre making commuting to and from work safer with cleaner air, and with car free zones now planned for the most congested parts of the city, travelling and transport will needs fresh ideas to deal with a growing European philosophy towards city life. Here's where cargo bikes will blossom and we're happy to support a system that allows smog free and environmentally sound way to commute and transport across our glorious cities in Ireland.


If you'd like to know more about these bikes, or take one for a test ride, please contact us or call by in store for more details.

See all styles below:

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