The Bullitt Cargo – A Buyer’s Guide to World’s No.1 Cargo Bikes

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The Bike Institute was one of the first dealers in Ireland to supply Larry Vs Harry cargo bikes. Not because we knew how life changing cargo bikes were but as riders ourselves we saw the tide of change on Dublin's city roads concerning cycling infrastructure. But besides patting ourselves on the back ( which we often do) we also know that cargo bikes are a relatively new thing in Ireland, and the Bullitt cargo bike, the world's leading brand, can be a confusing place to start for those interested in buying. So inspired from Larry V Harry site own beginner's guide, we've complied our own brief for those interested in joining the cargo revolution.


About the Bullitt

The Bullitt is a lightweight aluminum cargo bike that comes in 9 colours with different components and accessories depending on it's primary uses.

There are two different types of gearing systems. 1. Internal gearing: one cog, one chainring. An internal hub that requires less maintenance but can eat up power and 2. External gearing: derailleur that is more efficient but will require more cleaning and care.  The Bullitt relies on hydraulic disc brakes for smoother more controlled and reliable stopping that can also be serviced by reputable bike mechanic. One size fits all with the Bullitt cargo as the frame has been tweaked to get perfect geometry since its birth. Both stem and seatpost can changed to be heightened or lowered to suit riders needs.


The beauty of these Danish made bikes is that they are completely customisable: you can buy frame only, or choose gearing, brakes and accessories in whatever set up you want. Just want a frame? No problem, everything on the cargo can be customised. Although you can pick and choose, there are generally 5 different styles of riding and accessories depending on your usage and for the sake of the new buyer here is what Larry V Harry offer as the most popular setups:


  1. The Standard

All styles come in 9 different colours and mudguards and Abus lock come as standard in all models.


The 'Standard' is most economical and popular choice of set up. It comes with Shimano Alfine 7 internal hub gearing that is a simple no fuss bike that also comes with Magura MT5 disc brakes and honeycomb board so you can chop and change to carry whatever you want. Price range: € 2450+ (no cargo hold) 


2. The Family


Nexus_Milk_Canopy cargo bikes dublin

Same gearing and brakes as the Standard but the Family offers a canopy style seating that is comfortable, weatherproof and safe (seatbelts and foldable seats) that can carry up to two children from ages 5-7 years. Perfect for school runs! Price range: €3,300+


3.  The Speedster

Ext_Bluebird_BBX - cargo bikes Dublin

The Speedster offers external gearing with Shimano Deore 20 speed that will give you more power along with high performance Shimano brakes for stronger stopping. The cargo hold is a stiff side panel with foldable seat that can carry children and it also has a sloping sloping soft top cover for quick change. So after you drop kids off you can zoom into work. Perfect for flexible uses and longer distances to travel. Price range: € 3,350+


4. The Tool

Ext_alubox_Sub - cargo bikes dublin

The Bullitt arrived in Dublin firstly as a courier bike for delivery, and is used by courier companies all over town. This work horse comes with an lockable aluminium hardbox in two different sizes with a 2 chainring 10 speed cassette Shimano Deore and Tektro disc brakes to provide more power and stoppage due to the extra weight it can carry. Perfect for professionals on the road who need access to gear, such as photographer, videographer or craftsman, or anyone who need access to tools on the go. Price range: €3,330+


5. The EBullitt

Ebullitt_pepper - cargo bikes dublin

In short, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.  Imagine hurdling around town on a super charged electric bike that can carry children, groceries, tools, with electric lights and onboard display for speed and battery power. Plus, it's an automatic! It automatically downshifts when you stop at lights.  Forget about the car, forget about everything you've ever known.

It comes with the Shimano STEPs electric assist system that is winning awards and reviews from bike industry experts all over the world. High end on price but still incredible savings when compared to a car. No tax, no insurance, and like the rest of the Bullitt family just environmentally friendly, modern urban living transport that is reliable, strong and comfortable. Price range; starts at €4,500+ without convoy box (pictured).

Got any more questions? 

Larry V Harry have their own FAQs page that will help answer their most common asked questions on everything from tyre pressure to what gearing is best for you.


The Bike Institute - Expert in Cargo Mechanics & Sales 

Not only are The Bike Institute experts in cargo bikes we also have trained mechanics in both electric and normal service and repair. Our specially trained professionals ride, service and repair these amazing cargos on a daily basis. If you want to know more please call into our store on Dorset Street, Dublin 1 for a chat and a test ride!



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